PD Holdings, LLC is a specialty particle processing and delivery form technology expert for Pharma, OTC and Nutritional product applications.


High Shear Continuous Granulation

Our aqueous-based high shear, continuous granulation system is ideal for complex granulation processing.  Its perfect for large volume continuous mixing, coating, hydrating and homogenizing applications that require very precise and very consistent particle sizing.

This granulation system offers great flexibility for the following reasons:

  1.  Multiple ingredient feeding system that can handle multiple wet and dry ingredients at once
  2.  Flexibility for control of residence time, mix intensity, or shear imparted to materials

Advantages of High Shear Continuous Granulation:

Reduce tablet manufacturing costs by reducing labor and time through added granulation steps

Allows for excellent compressibility & disintegration of complex intermediates

High density material combined with excellent flow characteristics

Elimination of Heat & Moisture

Minimal lot-to-lot variation

Larger batch size opportunity reduces testing costs

Decreases compression tooling wear