PD Holdings, LLC is a specialty particle processing and delivery form technology expert for Pharma, OTC and Nutritional product applications.



Micro-Encapsulated API’s

MicroMask coating technology can be applied to OTC and ethical drugs to yield products that exhibit superior taste, odor masking and mouth feel characteristics. MicroMask products are particularly noted for their ability to meet dissolution and bioavailability requirements, while maintaining their taste and odor masking characteristics. Additionally, our proprietary process operates at a moderate temperature, which reduces the potential of thermal degradation of the API’s.

orange circle tablet

MicroMask products also exhibit excellent flow and compression characteristics. The pliable matrix of MicroMask particles affords excellent tableting characteristics and reduces the compression force required to produce an acceptable tablet, which allows for exceptional results in Chewable or Oral Dissolving Tablets (ODT’s). A MicroMask free flowing powder can be customized with flavoring to offer tremendous solutions to an oral dissolving API powder product.


The MicroMask Advantage:

Superior taste, odor masking and mouth feel

Controlled or delayed release offers product formulation flexibility

Barrier protection reduces degradation, providing a more stable final product

Improved flow characteristics yield better manufacturing efficiency

Lower compression force increases tableting tool life

Enables flavors to be incorporated into the barrier coating for exceptional flavored API powder

Rapid dissolution parameters when required.


MicroMask Applications:

  • Pediatric & Adult chewable tablets
  • Pediatric & Adult oral dissolving tablets (ODT’s)
  • Pediatric & Adult flavored oral dissolving powders (ODP’s)