PD Holdings, LLC is a specialty particle processing and delivery form technology expert for Pharma, OTC and Nutritional product applications.



Directly Compressible Calcium and Magnesium Carbonates

We have long been a  leader in direct compression technology and products. The Destab family of products are designed to offer the highest value direct compression or drum-to-hopper ingredients for the pharmaceutical, OTC and nutritional markets. Most of the Destab Products are pre-granulated in bulk using binders such as starch, acacia or maltodextrin. All of the Destab materials are granular, free flowing powders that are extremely consistent in particle size and range, for optimum use in high speed tablet processes.

The Destab Advantages:

Reduced manufacturing costs

Destab reduces labor costs and manufacturing time by eliminating costly granulation steps

Excellent compressibility and disintegration

Destab ingredients allow formulators to produce hard tablets and are performance tested to assure excellent disintegration and dissolution. They also offer excellent tableting properties, including low friability

Excellent flow prevents feed blockages, yielding increased machine efficiency

Destab materials enhanced densification and excellent flow properties make them suitable for high dose, high speed tableting

Minimal lot-to-lot and tablet-to-tablet variation

Destab products are produced in large production runs via proprietary processes. Lot to lot variations that could occur in smaller runs are minimized. Large lot sizes also reduces QC testing costs long term.

Increased tableting tool life

The physical properties of the Destab particle is less abrasive thus reducing wear on compression equipment and extends tooling life.

Low lead products meet increased regulatory requirements