PD Holdings, LLC is a specialty particle processing and delivery form technology expert for Pharma, OTC and Nutritional product applications.



Micro-Encapsulated Ingredients

Descote is our proprietary micro-encapsulation process of sealing actives in a customized coating matrix for use in nutritional, foods and animal products. The particles consist of the encapsulated materials or core, which may in be a solid or liquid form, and suspended in a pliable matrix. The encapsulated particles are dispersed uniformly within the encapsulating matrix.

This Descote barrier is strong enough to permit processing without rupturing. The barrier remains inert and it does not react with the core of the particle. The matrix a beautiful young woman taking a tabletwill deform on compression rather than break.

The Descote process uses no solvents or plastics. Purity of actives is increased since there are no trace quantities of solvent to remove. It is a highly flexible process that allows standard micro-capsule or the preferred deformable matrix technology to be applied.   Descote can solve many potency and/or stability problems normally experienced in traditional formulations.

Depending on use, the matrix can be custom designed to control release of contents under specific conditions that result in:

  • Reduced stomach irritation
  • Delayed release of actives and /or flavors
  • Specific temperature releases (thermal melting) for baking applications
  • pH specific releases possible, depending on the ingredient
  • Stabilizing ingredients for conventional heat and microwave convenience foods
  • Prevent degradation of heat sensitive vitamins during the manufacturing of the product
  • Use of encapsulated, low calorie sweeteners that may degrade in baking applications

The Descote Advantages:

Superior taste and odor masking of nutritional ingredients

Barrier protection from heat, water, and chemicals improves stability and increases product flexibility

Prevents interaction and/or degradation in formulations between ingredients, resulting in reduced amount of overages required

Produces a granular, free flowing material that is directly compressible and increases tableting efficiency

Offers a pliable matrix opportunity that delivers good “mouth feel” that offers great dissolution properties

Controlled or delayed release profile allows a wide variety of product delivery options

Enables flavors to be incorporated into the barrier coating

Descote Product Applications:

  • Chewable multivitamin & mineral tablets
  • Nutrient-fortified powdered beverage mixes
  • Weight management products
  • Energy and nutrition bars
  • Fortified pre-mix blends
  • Functional foods and snacks
  • Animal fortification and feed enhancement