PD Holdings, LLC is a specialty particle processing and delivery form technology expert for Pharma, OTC and Nutritional product applications.



PDH understands that not every product requires “pharma grade” quality standards.  This is why we have developed the Calci-Press line of consistent, high quality directly compressible ingredients made from FCC grade materials.  Calci-Press utilizes the same processes as the “pharma grade” Destab materials, however these are applied to “food grade” materials to support a price-sensitive market, as found in the U.S. Dietary Supplement industry.image001

We offer different Calci-Press materials for different functional results, whether you need a directly compressible calcium or magnesium carbonate for a small size swallowable tablet to a refined form for applications into chewable tablets.  We use various carriers for our spray-dried material, from starch, acacia to maltodextrin.

Contact us to discuss your specific FCC grade product needs and what may be the best application for your product.